The Boxes Outnumber Us

They are piling up. Will we ever get everything packed? Why do we have so much junk? If I get buried under boxes, how long will it take people to search for me? Will I even care? How many times can you eat sandwiches from Subway before you lose your mind? Why does the packing tape dispenser seem to hate me?

These are many of the questions that have run thru my mind today. The past week has been an emotional roller coaster. I suppose it’s to be expected when it’s your last week to pack up and get you house emptied as well as making many visits to friends and family for last goodbyes and hugs. We are really feeling the stress at this point. Even simple things like having your kitchen all packed up and having to eat out for most meals is getting old. All those things that we waited to pack “until we were closer” are now staring us in the face. I’m trying hard to not get overwhelmed. Sometimes I even succeed.

Photo Oct 21, 10 02 57 AM
Yep. Getting those crazy eyes.

I’m really wishing at this point that we had just sold almost everything and bought new stuff down there. At this moment that seem infinitely easier than trying to move all this stuff to Florida. I can totally see how people who move often end up reducing their stuff a little more each time. Simplify. I really need to work on that. I’ve decided that’s going to be my new motto. Simplify. Get rid of it. Give it away. Don’t buy anything unless you really need it. Yeah. We’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime I’m going to watch an episode of Hoarders so I can feel better about myself.

Oh wait. We packed the TV.

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