The House is Sold! Now What?

This is it. Our house has officially SOLD. The process of selling it has taken far longer than we anticipated. Eight months in fact. It gave us a lot of time to hurry up and wait. After putting it on the market the beginning of the year we thought long and hard about what our next step would be. The dream of moving to Orlando has been something we have talked about for 15+ years. The time finally seemed right.

Rewind back to February when we took a trip down to Orlando, not to go to the parks (So hard not to go when they are RIGHT THERE.) but to investigate what living there would be like. Because after all, our house would sell ANY DAY and surely we would be here by Star Wars weekends, right? Right?! We contacted a realtor, looked at homes and focused on answering two questions: Can we see ourselves living here? What specific neighborhood/areas do we feel most comfortable in?

We came away with some answers and of course, more questions. But overall, YES we could totally live in Orlando. We are going to actually do this. This is HUGE. But, that trip was seven months ago. And the decisiveness we felt has faded in the ongoing frustration of Waiting For The House To Sell. This process is so not fun people. The cleaning, the showings, negotiating offers, things falling thru, back to cleanings and showings, until you forget why you even wanted to move in the first place. Why did we try this? Let’s just stay here. Here is good. And let’s stop cleaning everything for Pete’s sake.

Now the house is sold but we are doubting everything we saw and felt all those months ago. Nothing to do but go back to Orlando, armed with a closing date that is six weeks away. It’s decision time. Again. Do we really want to move here? Can we find a house we like? Hopefully we will come home with a decision made and everyone still speaking to each other.

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