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My Interview About Moving to the Mouse

Can you believe it’s almost been one year since we moved to Orlando? It’s so crazy to me! It’s been on my mind since I’ve been working on an article with my reflections on the move for the one year anniversary at the end of October. I hear from many of you who reach out to me with interest in making your own move to the Disney World area. I think there are many questions you guys still have regarding what my experience was like so I wanted to share something with you.

I recently did my first Podcast called Talk About the Magic. If you are a fan of listening to Disney Podcasts you should definitely check this one out. Joseph is a Disney fan living in Texas who, (like many of us) dreams of moving closer to “home”. He interviewed me about what it was like to move here, why we chose to do it, and overcoming the fear of taking a risk and making a big change. If you are at all considering moving to Orlando, or just find the subject interesting, you should definitely have a listen. It’s an audio only interview, so you can listen on your phone or wherever you prefer.

Click on the image below to go to the podcast:

talk about the magic podcast Moving to orlando

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