Saying Goodbye

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Our week explained in one picture.

I knew that leaving our friends and family would be hard. I really did. But still. There are some emotions that I haven’t even processed yet. I think I’ll wait until I have time for a really good long cry. In the meantime let me tell you about a few things I’ve learned. It’s human nature that we all take each other for granted. it’s such a shame really. It takes people leaving or dying for us to really tell them how much they mean to us. Even then it’s hard for me to do. I guess I’m not a very gushy person when it comes to stuff like that. I assume (or hope) that people know how much they mean to me. But hearing so many people express how they feel about us has been truly touching. And a little bit heartbreaking. Like wow, you guys really like us! And it’s not just me, the whole family has had this experience.

It’s made me realize how important it is to tell people how we feel about them. And how much I basically suck at that. So here’s another thing for me to work on going forward- tell people how happy I am that they are in my life. That they are friends with me and choose to share their lives and time with me is so amazing. And so many of them made us feel so special this last week. We are feeling the love. Tonight. In that baby Simba kinda way.

We have so many great people in our life. Just a few of the moments from the last week:

Photo Oct 25, 3 32 30 PM File Oct 29, 10 10 50 PM File Oct 29, 10 04 55 PM File Oct 29, 10 03 40 PM File Oct 29, 10 02 59 PM Photo Oct 18, 5 05 42 PMFile Oct 29, 10 11 05 PMFile Oct 29, 10 20 27 PMFile Oct 29, 10 20 47 PMPhoto Oct 25, 5 33 28 PM

So many great moments and people I am dearly going to miss. Including the picture of my fur baby Ginger who is staying in Virginia with my dad. That was the goodbye that finally broke me. After all week of holding it together. It started with that first picture of the girls hugging goodbye. Then my dad and my dog. Ugh. I still can’t fully talk about all that. So why am I leaving?! I have times where I ask myself this. And start to freak out a little bit. Then I think:

calm down
Calm down.

But change is so scary. That is the understatement of the year. So for now, with so much going on and being in the midst of all this chaos I’m trying to avoid over-complicating things as is my usual tendency.

change compl

Let’s just begin.

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  1. Ohmygosh!!! The feels!!!! I keep trying to sit down and write you a proper goodbye letter but whenever I do my brain locks up. You’ll probably be down there six months before I get my guts up enough to write it. I love you so much chicky!!!!!


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