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First look at Grand Avenue and Baseline Taphouse in Hollywood Studios

So much of Hollywood Studios is under construction, and we’re all anticipating the new lands opening in the next few years. But one new area of Hollywood Studios we won’t have to...

NEW Star Wars stage show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios begins next week

You may have heard about the new Star Wars entertainment coming to Hollywood Studios. There are several new things coming.  The Force will officially awaken at the park this Monday, April 4,...

Is Club Villain worth the price? Review & photo tour!

The Club Villain Dining Event debuted last night, Saturday, January 16th, 2016 at Disney World's Hollywood Studios park. This is a brand new event that, as of now, is only scheduled on...

First Look at the NEW Jedi Training Academy

Hollywood Studios has reopened their extremely popular show, Jedi Training Academy with a new title: Trials of the Temple. This coincides with the opening of Launch Bay yesterday. For details and pictures...

Star Wars Launch Bay Opens at Studios

December 1st was a big day for Hollywood Studios.So many amazing things it's hard to know where to start! Meet and greets are Chewie and Vader. They talk. The end. I mean, really- what else...
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