Everything You Need to Know About the 2016 Epcot Food & Wine Festival

The fall season is in full swing here at Walt Disney World Florida. You’d never know from the weather since temperatures are hot as ever, but there are other signs. Orange and pumpkins can be seen everywhere on Main Street, the Halloween parties are three times a week (soon to be four nights in October) and Epcot has begun their annual Food & Wine Festival. This is Epcot’s most popular event and it’s running longer than ever before; from September 14-November 14th. As you can probably tell from the picture I do quite enjoy myself at Food & Wine. This picture maaaay have been taken after several drinks that I was required to sample to tell you guys the best ones. (Hey. It was for science people. Someone had to do it.)

The festival is a highlight for many people who look forward to “drinking around the world”. It’s one of the few events that’s more adult oriented, all though children can certainly enjoy it, the emphasis is on tasting unique and sometimes exotic foods and sampling many different alcoholic beverages. Don’t let the word “wine” in “Food & Wine” fool you- the adult beverage options aren’t limited to wine. You’ll find many draft beers, cocktails, mock-tails and slushies along with wine and champagne to satisfy any preference you may have. ***A side note, if you’re not staying on Disney property (and therefore able to use their transportation), consider using Uber for a safe and hassle free way to get to and from your hotel and then no one has to worry about driving. (end of PSA. Hey, the more you know. Insert rainbow graphic here.)

food and wine festivalGuess what? Ever since I started this site people have been asking me to make videos with all my touring tips and I finally did it! Today I have a snazzy little video that will tell you everything and you won’t have to read pages of details. What do you guys think of that? I tried to condense it to the most important information. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I see videos for events like Food and wine and they’ll be 30/45 minutes or longer. I just can’t sit and watch a video that long. Even when it’s about Disney which is something I’m interested in. I just don’t have the time or attention span for that. My goal was to make my video less than 10 minutes (it’s 8.5 minutes actually). I’m interested to see if you like the video method, so leave a comment here or on the YouTube video itself and let me know. Feedback will tell me if I should make more of these videos.

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