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Review: Rapunzel Bon Voyage Character Breakfast in Disney World 

Disney World has a new character meal at the Trattoria al Forno Italian restaurant. I had the chance to check it out and let me tell you I am a huge fan.

Rapunzel Fans Rejoice

First off, the best thing about this offering is  the characters. Rapunzel has been a big fan favorite for many of us, and this is the first time we’ve really had something special for the Tangled fans. Having both Rapunzel and Flynn is so cool and never been offered before in a character meal experience.

Great Location

The other unique thing about this Disney character meal is that it’s at the Boardwalk area and not inside a theme park or resort. The location makes this especially convenient to plan on your Epcot days.

The reservation would allow you to park at the Boardwalk resort, and afterwards you can walk over the bridge and enter Epcot thru the back entrance. This puts you out right at France in the World Showcase area of Epcot. Just make sure that when you’re ready to go home you remember you parked at Boardwalk. You wouldn’t want to walk all the way to the front of the park and then remember you need to exit the back. Not that I’ve done that or anything. I’m just saying. That would probably be a real pain and you’d probably feel really stupid. You know. Hypothetically speaking.

The Food

I was incredibly impressed with the food at Trattoria al Forna. It’s an Italian restaurant and many of the breakfast dishes reflected that. I also loved the little character touches they added.

Breakfast began with an assortment of pastries for the table. Our favorite was the Rapunzel Sun-shaped cookie and the clam shell pastry was adorable too.  You could then choose either a fruit cup or a yogurt parfait. The parfait came topped with a Sebastian crab shaped cookie which was a great touch.

For the entrees, they had some great options.  “King Triton’s Shipwreck al Forno” was a breakfast cal-zone served with homemade marinara sauce and a Trident fork. I got the Tangled Tower pancakes which were huge and super fluffy and good. They had a more healthy option in the Swimmers Delight which was an egg white omelet. All the food we tried was delicious.


The Characters

Eric, Ariel, Flynn and Rapunzel are the characters and they take turns visiting your table. I kind of wish they would visit in their pairs so you could get a photo with the prince and princess together, but I understand logistically why they rotate them one at a time.

The theme of this meal is Adventure, and each table is given a map to record your own adventures on your vacation. There’s also a card for kids to write down their dream and share it with Rapunzel when she comes by. If you have a child that’s a bit shy this would make the conversation much easier for them. (If you do want to use it, bring a pen.)


Why I Loved It

Character meals at Disney parks are always fun. But this one is in my top three. Why?

  • The unique characters you can see. Getting to see princesses with their princes is a new experience.
  • It’s not as chaotic and hectic as some of the other meals. I didn’t feel as rushed and the timing between character visits was very comfortable.
  • The food. Character meals are generally all you can eat meals. Either family style, or buffet. This one is different and that’s good. First off, buffet food is never the best tasting. Is always quantity over quality. And there’s always a worry of missing the characters visit to your table when you’re getting your food. Plus having food served to you just means a more relaxing experience. The quality here is far better and you get plenty of it. The portions were all good sized so you don’t have to worry about not getting your money’s worth.

The Bon Voyage Breakfast is $35 bucks a person, that includes a regular beverage, the pastries, the fruit course, and your entrée. Other discounts for passholders etc, are also available.

From what I’ve heard this meal books up quickly, like all the best meals at Disney World do. So make reservations as far ahead as possible. I definitely recommend you give it a try- its a great experience!

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