Star Wars Launch Bay Opens at Studios

December 1st was a big day for Hollywood Studios.So many amazing things it’s hard to know where to start!

Meet and greets are Chewie and Vader. They talk.

The end.

I mean, really- what else do you need to know? Ok, so maybe a few more details. And showing you some of the hundreds of pictures I took today. 🙂

What you need to know:
Overall I thought Star Wars Launch Bay was a great experience. The Castmembers were really impressive. They seemed really thrilled to be a part of the opening team and all the ones I spoke to were big fans of the movies which I think makes a difference. They stay very in character in the M&G’s. If you have a Disney Chase Visa card you can bypass some of the wait for Vader- be sure to ask about it. Also the food items are served multiple places in the parks, so don’t wait at a long line at a kiosk. You can design your own Magic Bands and phone cases in all kinds of new Star Wars themes. Definitely worth checking out. Take time with the Jawas- they were one of my favorite things. Especially if you have little ones. They were awesome at winning them over if they were skittish. Bring a little something to trade with them if you’d like.  All though one tried to trade a plastic happy meal toy for an iPhone.

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Some great merchandise is available including new popcorn buckets and the BB-8 sipper.

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Outside the Stormtroopers rove around and keep the peace. They will not pose for pictures- they’re on duty. 🙂

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Photo Dec 01, 10 06 52 AM Photo Dec 01, 11 29 47 AM

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