Disney Like a Local: The Ultimate Bucket List

Now that we have been here for a little over two months now, many have asked if we have changed how we visit Disney World. The answer to that is yes it has. But it’s not for the worse. There are a lot of things that you put up with on a one week vacation to the parks that you don’t need to deal with when you can come anytime.

Things You Don’t Have to Deal With

I’ve created a list in my head of Things I Don’t Have to Deal With Anymore. On the list are things like bad weather…. if it’s extremely hot, (which is often) or cold, or pouring rain that isn’t going away anytime soon we can just….leave. Go home and come back later in the day or tomorrow or whenever.

If the crowds get insane and we’re tempted to begin slapping the NEXT PERSON THAT RUNS INTO ME WITH THEIR STROLLER SO HELP ME GOD, we can always decide to just GO. Preferably before we are escorted out for attacking a random double-stroller wielding mother.

Going to the Parks Alone

I wasn’t sure I would like going by myself but I’ve found that I really do. When you go alone it’s a very different experience.

First of all you can do what you want. Just let that sink in a minute. Yeah. That’s pretty great, huh?

Take all the time you need browsing at a shop, without your family loudly sighing and reminding you that time is ticking away and dear God how many Disney mugs do you even need let’s just go to Space Mountain all ready.

You can stop and take your time setting up the perfect shot of Cinderella’s Castle with the reflection on the water and the light coming from just the right angle without someone reminding you that you’ve all ready taken at least 45 hundred shots of the castle and they’re pretty sure it looks the same as it did last year and can’t you just use one of those so we can just move on. (these are hypothetical scenarios of course.)

Shorter Visits

Going into the parks for a few hours is so great. You aren’t so tired from walking all day and your pace is slower. You spend more time taking in the scenery and enjoying just being there. Two days ago I was in Main Street alone and I found a lamp post to lean against and just watched people walking into Magic Kingdom. It was wonderful. I feel like I enjoy those moments more than the long marathon touring days we used to do.

Love meeting up with other Disney Locals
Love meeting up with other Disney Locals

Time for New Experiences

There are so many unique experiences at Disney World that you don’t usually take the time to do when you’re here for a short visit. Things that only locals and passholders really get to fully enjoy. So I’ve started a list. An ultimate bucket list of unique experiences at Disney World. These are the things that I have been looking forward to doing after we moved here. I’m starting on my list and plan on doing as many as I can. The list may grow and change as I think of new things to add.

I like finding others who are into the idea of these unique Disney days and teaming up with me. It should also be noted that this isn’t a list of special, VIP type tours that they have at WDW, like DiveQuest, or Keys to the Kingdom. There are a lot of bonus things you can pay extra for. This is about spending a day doing things you wouldn’t normally take time to do at Disney World, but are still included in your normal ticket price.

Disney like a Local: The Ultimate Bucket List

  1. Character Day Challenge: One entire day of nothing but characters! No rides or shows. Streetmosphere actors can count as well. #CharacterDay ***Update: DONE-Read about it HERE!
  2. Old School Disney Day: All the oldies but goodies. The rides and shows that have been around the longest. Primarily at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. #OldSchoolDisney ***Done! 
  3. Closing Down Disney: Being one of the last guests to leave-waiting until the park has closed and pretty much completely emptied out. You must take those classic #closingdowndisney pics, like sitting on the ground in the middle of main street, or standing under the clock to show just how late you stayed to get a shot with no one else in the picture. ***Done! Mutliple Times and one of my favs!
  4. Four Parks in One Day: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom in one day. Must hit a few major rides or attractions in each park. #4parks1day
  5. Disney Scavenger Hunt: There are several places online you can find different types of these- sometimes they involve locating certain areas of the parks, sometimes its a to-do list, like get a selfie with Mickey, ride the teacups, etc… and you race to finish with other people or teams. #DisneyHunt
  6. Game Day: There are several interactive games at the parks that you may or may not have tried. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, A Pirate’s Adventure at Magic Kingdom, and Agent P’s World Showcase adventure at Epcot. #DisneyGameDay
  7. Resort Hopping Day: Visit as many on-property resorts as you can in one day. Have something to eat and drink at many of them. #resorthopday
  8. World Showcase Passport: This combines several popular ideas into one day: Visit each country in Epcot’s World Showcase, do their individual attractions/movies etc, get a drink, have your passport stamped and signed, and visit the character in each land. #AroundtheWorld
  9. Disney Dapper Day: I’ve always wanted to go to Dapper Day- it’s one of the unofficial meet ups held at the parks each year. Everyone dresses up in retro, vintage style clothing. I can’t help but think that Walt would have enjoyed this. #DapperDay ***Done! Twice! Check out the article here

What do you think? Any ideas you like? Have one you think should be on the list? Let me know!

Serena Lynhttps://livingbydisney.com
Hi there, I'm Serena and I created Living by Disney when I moved next door to Disney World in Orlando Florida. I don't work for Disney and don't represent the company, but after moving here I made it my job to share unbiased tips and strategies to help you get the most out of your Walt Disney World vacation!

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