Guide to the Free Disney Genie Planning Tool

Ever wish you had a tool that could do all the park planning for you to get the most out of your vacation? A tool that could guide you on the best times to visit characters, dine at your favorite restaurant or ride your favorite attraction? Well, we are about to have all our wishes come true! A whole new world is upon us! 

Conveniently built right into the My Disney Experience app, Disney Genie and Genie + will launch on October 19 at Walt Disney World. You don’t need to download anything additional or learn a whole new app. Just be sure to have the most up-to-date version downloaded on your phone.

So, what exactly will Genie do for you? Let’s explore!

Genie vs. Genie +

First, let’s get this part out of the way – there are two different versions of this new tool – Genie and Genie +.

Genie is a completely FREE planning tool available to all Guests visiting Walt Disney World. Anyone can use the Genie features to help you plan your day while you’re at the parks. This is an important key point, “while you’re at the parks”. The tool is meant to create spontaneity and flexibility to your day, while you’re in the moment, allowing you to build the perfect park day totally based on your favorite things to do. 

Genie + is a paid feature in the app and is the replacement for what we previously called FastPasses. You get all the features of the free Genie planning tool, plus for $15 a day / person, Genie + allows Lightening Lane (formerly FastPass) access to 40+ attractions and experiences across all four parks allowing shorter wait times to all your favorite rides.  Genie + is completely optional and not required to still have an amazing park experience. For everything you need to know on Genie +, visit our informational article here and our FAQs.  

What is the Genie Planning Tool Service?

Genie is a complimentary service built to help you create your best Disney day possible, all based on you and your party’s top interests. Upon launching the free service in the app, you’ll have the opportunity to share what attractions, food, entertainment, and special interests you like. Genie will then grant you a personalized itinerary based on all of the information you entered, and will update itself throughout the day providing you the best possible park experience.

So what’s included in the FREE Genie Planning Tool service? 

  • Tailored Recommendations: Based on what you tell Genie you and your party like, Genie will offer recommendations and suggestions throughout the day inspired by things you are most interested in doing. This tool allows you to focus on what makes you most happy while in the parks. It will even notify you when is a good time to visit your favorite attraction or experience and provide you with an estimated wait time. Taking into consideration the ebbs and flows of the park day, the crowd levels, and top attraction and dining priorities, it will craft an itinerary that’s customized just for you. It can’t get more personal than that! Want to update your preferences during the day? You can at any time. Your itinerary will update according to your new entries. 
  • A Personalized Daily Itinerary: Within the app, there is a “My Day” tab. This is where all of your customized itinerary plans are located, such as dining reservations, Disney Resort hotel reservations and activity bookings. As you make changes, the daily itinerary will change accordingly, always providing you with the best possible suggested experience. Have questions during the day? You’ll also find a virtual chat option where you can ask a Cast Member any questions at any time.
  • Custom Tip Board: This is probably the most important section of the tool. Here you’ll be able to see current and predicted wait times for any of your top attractions, entertainment and dining. You’ll also be able to order food, make dining reservations, check into a restaurant or request to join a virtual queue (currently Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT). You’ll also be able to book Lightening Lane arrivals if you choose to upgrade to Genie + (paid feature)

What are the benefits of the Genie Planning Tool?

Customization like never before. This tool will provide all park goers with the ultimate itinerary specific to them and no one else. Everyone’s park day will look so different, and for good reason. Planning your day based on what YOU like is essential to making the most of your time and enjoying every minute of it.

Even for the most extreme park planner, this tool will be able to adjust your day accordingly to minimize wait times and maximize your time in the parks.

If all works as intended, this tool is pretty ingenious and will make park days a lot more seamless and enjoyable for all.

Stay tuned for more! We’ll be sure to update any new features or tips for managing Genie as we get closer to launch. 

And for more information on Genie + (the paid version), visit our article here and our FAQs for all you need to know.

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