What to wear on a Disney Cruise

What to Wear on a Disney Cruise

If you know me you know I am a huge fan of Disney Cruises! I recently went on the 7-day Eastern Caribbean Disney Cruise that leaves from Port Canaveral Florida. If you’re new around here, I’m an Orlando local that covers mostly Walt Disney World.

There’s nothing worse than feeling regret while you’re on vacation because you don’t like the clothes you brought, amiright? So hopefully this article will help some of you guys and give you ideas on what to wear on your Disney cruise!

Now, a disclaimer: One, I am NOT a fashion blogger. I don’t know what I’m doing haha. Just a regular mom who wants to look cute but also be comfortable and not willing to spend a fortune on clothes I won’t wear anywhere else. Also, there are Amazon links throughout (because I loooove shopping with Amazon Prime) and if you use them I may get a small kickback for that. So thank you!

Also, just in case any of these links change or you want to check out some of my other Amazon items for Disney World my Amazon store link is here.

Okay, on with the outfits!

Now let’s get an overview of the nights. Dinners will consist of:

  • One formal night
  • One semi-formal night
  • One Pirate night
  • The rest (4 nights) are cruise casual

“Cruise casual” just means no tank tops and flip flops, or extremely casual wear. While this gives you a wide range to choose from, I’d mention that the dining restaurants are very nice and posh. So personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable being super casual, in like, jean shorts and a hoodie. But a summer dress, a nicer pair of pants and a cute top, polo shorts and dressy shorts for men, all would perfect.

Let’s show some of the daytime casual outfits I wore and when I wore them.

Cruise Outfits for Daytime

So for a standard seven-day cruise, you can count on mostly casual outfits during the day. You’ll either be at sea, and will mostly be touring around the ship or in your swimsuit, or you’ll be off the ship at one of the island ports. Whatever your port destinations are, these outfits will work with any of the Caribbean islands you may be visiting. They are pretty much similar weather year round and will all be beachy-casual.

You’re going to want to be comfortable and cool since you are in the Caribbean and it will probably be a little warm. So factor that in to your packing. Nothing is worse than being super hot.

In several of these mirror selfies you may notice my iPhone case and pop socket. You can check them out here. I buy a lot of my cases on AliExpress as they are super cheap as long as you don’t mind it taking a while to get to you.

what to wear on your disney cruise

Camo tee from Target
Shorts: Old Navy
Hat: Amazon
Bag: Amazon

What to pack for a Disney Cruise
If you can’t tell I loved this hat! Definitely bring a good sunhat as well as a baseball style cap too.
what to wear on a Disney cruise

Slouchy tee: Amazon
Shorts: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Amazon

what to wear on a Disney Cruise

This dress became one of my favorites on the cruise. I’ve since gone back and bought a few other prints in the same style at Old Navy. It’s comfortable with a stretchy waist and runs true to size (I’m in a Large). Just a note that out on the deck when the ship is moving it is VERY WINDY. So if you have a full skirt or dress it’s quite likely you will end up showing off more than you wanted. 😉 I’d suggest longer dresses, or just save the shorter ones for when you’re off the ship.

Dress: Old Navy
Sandals: Target
Bag: Amazon
Necklace: Forever 21

I loved this jumpsuit/romper from Old Navy. It was a first for me, but I’ve found they’re surprisingly flattering and comfortable. I wore this on the day we had brunch at Palo, and then added wedges to it for the ‘Cruise casual” dinner that night. It looks like it’s sold out already at Old Navy but they have quite a few similar that I’ll link. I added a colorful belt and fun earrings.

Romper: Old Navy (sold out) Similar
Earrings: Forever 21 Similar

what to wear on a disney cruise

A maxi dress is one of the most versatile things you can wear on a cruise. It’s long enough to not worry about it flying up in the wind, it’s comfortable and stretchy since you’ll be doing some eating. And a button up one can double as a great bathing suit cover up too. I loved this one that I got from Amazon and it comes in tons of fun prints too. (It’s also the one I’m wearing in the very top image on this article so you can see the back.)

Maxi Dress: Amazon (Red & White print)
Hat: Amazon
Bathing Suit: Amazon

Formal Night on a Disney Cruise


Both mine and Chloe’s dresses are from Macy’s and sold out, but I found some great options at Amazon that are all Prime:
Amazon 1 (red/black)
Amazon 2 (red/gold)
Amazon 3 (magenta)
Amazon 4 (in v-neck is very similar to Chloe’s)

Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise


On most 7 day Disney cruises you will have one pirate night and it was honestly my favorite! Whatever dining room you’re assigned to that night becomes pirate themed with a special menu. There’s also a fun show on the deck and special fireworks off of the ship while you’re out to sea.

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to wear since I didn’t want it super “costumey” but still wanted to look pirate themed. I decided on an off-the-shoulder striped shirt with a sleeveless vest that I could pair with jeans and boots I already had. I completed the look with a red scarf (actually made for working out), big hoop earrings and a pirate medallion.


Shirt: Amazon Black and White (I got a size large)
Vest: Amazon in black
Scarf: Amazon in red
Belt: Amazon
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: (old that I already had)
Earrings: Amazon
Pirate necklace: Amazon


The girls went with these looks for their pirate night outfits. The “Low Effort Pirate Costume” tee was literally perfect for my daughter. And we found it at… you guessed it! Amazon. What did we do before Amazon, you guys?! They paired their outfits with the pirate bandanna that you’ll get on your cruise. That day your steward will leave one of these in your room for each person.

Pirate Tee: Amazon


Another tip you’ll want to remember is that there is a good amount of walking on the ship. No matter how you spend your day, there’s a good chance you’ll have to do a decent amount of walking between your room and dining and recreation areas, or off the ship to get to your excursions or exploring the area. No matter what, there will be some walking.

This means pack comfortable shoes. You don’t have to be in tennis shoes all day, but leave your fancy wedges at home. I brought running shoes, sandals, flip flops (for the beach) one pair of wedges that could dress up a more casual outfit, and one pair of heels for formal night. Oh, and a pair of boots for the pirate night.

I had an absolute blast on the Disney Fantasy! If you’re not an experienced cruiser (I sure wasn’t!), there is a lot to know in the booking stages. Things like where’s the best deck to be on, what dining time do you want, how to book kids clubs and excursions… all are much easier with an experienced travel agent. I used Jen Filling from Perfect Story Travel and she was amazing to work with. I truly can’t recommend her enough.

If you haven’t connected with me before Disney World is my jam. I love right behind the castle in Orlando and have made it my job to help people know everything they need to have an amazing Disney World vacation.

The best place to find me is here and on Instagram where I use my stories to take you with me when I’m in the parks. Thanks for reading!

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