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The Boxes Outnumber Us

They are piling up. Will we ever get everything packed? Why do we have so much junk? If I get buried under boxes, how long will it take people to search for...

Choosing an Orlando Neighborhood

If you are looking into relocating to Orlando it will help if you narrow down the areas you want to search. Otherwise you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of choices. There...

Decision Time

When we last spoke we had headed down to sunny Orlando to make our final decision on a new and exciting adventure! Unfortunately when we arrived it was not so sunny. In...

Research Trip #2

After finally selling our house it's time to head down to Orlando to see if we can find a place to live. It's been a while (8 months) since we went down to...

The House is Sold! Now What?

This is it. Our house has officially SOLD. The process of selling it has taken far longer than we anticipated. Eight months in fact. It gave us a lot of time to...

I’ve Got a Dream

This is the beginning of our story. This blog isn't about moving to Orlando. Well, yes, technically it is. But it's really more about pursuing a dream. Specifically my dream of living...

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