MegaCon 2016

MegaCon 2016: The Best Disney Cosplay

MegaCon is Orlando’s huge Comic, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Convention. This is the San Diego ComiCon for the East coast. This was my first time attending and I was expecting it to be gigantic, overwhelming and impressive. Turns out I was right.

These type of Fandom inspired conventions have really gotten popular and the expected attendance for this year was over 100k. Yeah. Like I said. Its BIG. I was very impressed by the crowd flow and layout they had. Even though there was a ton of people there weren’t any bottlenecks, traffic flowed well and there was plenty of space to find a more quiet place to sit and chill when you needed a break. The building was also kept very cool which was a plus in the Florida heat, and I’m sure the cosplayers appreciated that.

Special shout out to my dear friend John, of the Big Fat Panda Show for letting me be his plus one this weekend. It was an amazing experience! I’ve never been to an event of this size as “press” and getting that kind of access was wonderful. MegaCon treats their press well, giving them VIP access to panels and shows. Very smart of them, since the media will be leaving with a great experience and more likely to return again next year. I know I will. 

MegaCon Tip:

Before I show you guys the amazing pictures, I just want to say that the trickiest part can be parking. With an event of this size, many of the parking areas involve quite a long walk to get into the building. If this is a concern for you, consider taking an Uber, either from your home/hotel or find some free parking in the area and Uber to the convention center. Since parking will run you $15-20 bucks anyway, you can use that towards an Uber ride, save yourself some money, and get dropped off right at the front door. It worked well for us.

Best MegaCon Cosplay

Disney Cosplay Meet Up

I assume that most of you are massive Disney geeks like me. You know how Disney has it’s own little world- where people are super passionate about it and it has it’s own little universe that “other” people don’t know anything about? Well cosplay is like that. There is a large community of cosplayers that attend these types of events. They know each other and are in groups, forums and fan pages where they discuss their latest events and costumes. Most of them make their own costumes which involves far more than just sewing. It’s crafting armor, weapons and props from materials that can look like metal but are wearable, They turn fantastical things that don’t actually exist into real, wearable outfits. It’s truly impressive, and can’t be fully appreciated unless you see them in person. You may pass by many of them not being familiar with the character it’s from. But just wait until the first time you see something you recognize. Someone from a movie, show, or game that you would know anywhere. And it looks like they stepped right off the screen into real life. Just try not to geek the heck out when that happens. It is the coolest thing.

Here’s a video I put together with all my favorite moments and cosplayers. Share with your friends! These cosplayers deserve to get some props for their amazing work.

Here’s the full gallery of photos. Click to see them bigger and start the slideshow.
***If you are a cosplayer and would like to get the full size image of your picture, use the contact me tab above and shoot me a message.

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