Getting Started with Periscope

As you may know by now, we regularly use Periscope to live broadcast to our followers. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first. I am much more comfortable writing than talking in front of the camera. But it has really grown on me. I like the fact that we can interact with people and respond to questions and comments. It allows people to get to know us better and also lets us share the Disney parks with others. If you haven’t tried Periscope yet, you may be surprised how much you like it. You don’t have to broadcast yourself. The vast majority of people just watch other broadcasters. But there is a ton of interesting things to watch. This became more clear to me when the Paris attacks happened. There were several scopers in Paris covering the attacks. Two key ones I watched were Euro Maestro and ChantalTV They were in the middle of the action, many still broadcasting during it all. Hearing their perspective without all the political correctness of professional TV newscasters was very enlightening.

So how do you get started watching?

  • Download the Periscope app. It’s available for iOS or Droid and it’s free.
  • Make an account. If you have a twitter account than it’s easiest to use that to sign in. That way it will automatically show you anyone you all ready follow on twitter who use Periscope. (make sure you follow us on Twitter!)
  • In the app go to your profile page and you will see the magnifying glass to search for people. Use this to find anyone you want to follow.
  • Now that you have the app installed you will notifications anytime someone you follow starts Periscoping. Now you can catch it LIVE which lets you comment. If you miss the broadcast though, you can still watch it on a replay for up to 24 hours. Also, those you follow are able to invite you to watch other periscopes they think you will like. This is a great way to find new scopers to watch. If the notifications get annoying you can always turn them off or turn the sound off if you prefer. If you like to follow more Disney accounts, then check out who we are following for more ideas.
  • You can use the map (globe icon) to find current live broadcasts by location. Zoom the map in and wait a few seconds for it to update. Select one of the map pins to see a list of broadcasts to watch. This is great when something big is happening in the world and you can find people who are Periscoping in that location.

We like to Periscope various fun things happening in the parks, as well as take time to chat about what we are currently up to.

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