Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot

Photo Tour and Review: 2016 Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot

It’s Spring time here at Walt Disney World! The weather has been so incredible. I really try hard not to brag about it too much so all my friends and family living in the cold north don’t hate me. But honestly, February and March has been the best time to be Living by Disney. (see what I did there?)

We went and checked out the 2016 Flower & Garden Festival yesterday. It opened this week at Epcot and I’ve got all the information and tips for you, as well as many pictures for you to see what it looks like. Nothing like a photo tour to get you excited about your upcoming trip. And if you won’t be down here to attend the Festival, then you can what it offers for next time.

Many people compare Flower & Garden to the Food and Wine Festival that they have at Epcot each fall. I can see why. There are many similarities. F&G has grown to encompass more food kiosks as well as many adult beverages very much like Food & Wine. I still prefer the fall F&W to the F&G. I think if you are very interested in gardening this Flower and Garden Festival will be more interesting to you. It’s not my thing. In fact, I tend to kill anything green that I try to take care of. So aside from looking at the flowers and topiaries and saying, “Ooh, pretty”, they don’t do a lot for me.

They have some really great merchandise out for the event, including some fun Passholder exclusives. The mascot for the event is Figment, and much of the merchandise is purple which is unique and fun. I picked up my passholder shirt for $28. I’m sure they will be popular.

Flower & Garden 2016 Passholder shirt with Figment

When you first enter the Festival which officially begins at the entrance to World Showcase, there are several places to buy merchandise, (including the passholder items all though you need to ask for them since they aren’t out) and several topiaries welcoming you. Photopass castmembers ar on hand to take your photo in front of some of the pretty displays.

You’ll want to pick up your event Passport. Inside is everything you need to know. All the events, the topiaries, the food and beverage choices, even the merchandise. You can get a stamp each time you visit something to “check” it off your list. Another passholder perk is a series of free art prints. There’s three and you can get one per month. Here’s the details.

The Passholder art print for March with the Flower and Garden Festival passport

The “Butterflies on the Go” pavilion is right at the beginning on your right. You’ll want to check that out. It’s a gorgeous butterfly garden with tons of butterflies flying free inside. So pretty! See below for some great pictures of them.

There are so many great food and beverage choices! I’ll be honest, that’s what got me the most excited. I haven’t tried everything yet, but I’ll tell you the best things that I would recommend you try.

Serena’s Food & Drink recommendations:

The Pineapple Promenade is to the right on your way towards the UK. They have Pineapple soft serve. Do NOT call this Dole Whip! Because apparently they did not get that licensed from Dole. (But it’s essentially Dole Whip.) They don’t have vanilla soft serve to swirl it with unfortunately, but what they do have is even better. A cup of Pineapple soft serve topped with Coconut Rum. Yep. I don’t think we need to say anything else. Try it.

Cider House in the United Kingdom is the place to go if you like Hard Cider.I loved the Pitchfork Pear Hard Cider. Very mild and fruity. Nice if want a very light drink.

Fleur De Lys in France had the most delicious Raspberry Macaron cookie with chocolate fudge in the middle. It was so good! I was going to take a picture of it and then…. it was gone. Maybe I’ll just have to try it again. 🙂 Another highlight from France- La Vie en Rose Frozen Slush with Orange vodka and cranberry juice. Yes I bought it because of the name. (I mean, come on- that song?!) But it was actually really really good. Not a real strong taste of alcohol, but then again, you probably don’t buy a slushie if you’re looking for some hard stuff.

Hanami in Japan has fruit sushi, “Frushi” and Chicken Edamame Bun. The Frushi was fun to try for the novelty, but it was just okay to me. I loved the Chicken Bun- it was almost like a chicken hot dog wrapped inside a steamed soft bun. If you like Dim Sum you will enjoy it.

Lotus House in China has a Gaoli Beef Bun that is delicious! I could have eaten several. It’s like a teriyaki flavored beef and the steamed bun is da bomb. Also I am a little obsessed with Boba teas. They have one here that is Oolong Peach bubble tea. It’s basically a traditional milk and honey tea with the chewy Bobas in it. So good! You should really give it a try. Also a fun beverage option for kids since there isn’t much at the festival that isn’t alcoholic.

That’s it for now. I will keep updating this list as I go and try new things so you may want to bookmark it to check before you go.

Are you planning on going to the Flower and Garden Festival this year? It will continue until the end of May so you have three months to catch it.
Enjoy the pictures! Click on any of these to open up the slideshow.

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