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BEST Things to Eat (and Drink!) at Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2018

It’s Food and Wine Festival Time and we are ready to talk about all the yummy things you need to try when you visit. For general information about the festival, and tips on when to go, avoiding crowds, booking extra events, merchandise, and more, see the article: Must-Dos For Visiting Food and Wine Festival.

So let’s talk about FOOD.  And wine. Or other beverages of choice.

Now, let me say this first. Epcot has some amazing food. You can enjoy some of the best food at Disney World and most of it is available year round. So unless you visit Epcot pretty regularly, don’t just limit yourself to the Food and Wine booths.

But, having said that, let’s talk about some of my top picks for the festival this year. These are the things that will please most people and the things that I personally would buy more than once throughout the Festival.

These are listed in the order that you’ll see them in the Festival Passport Book.  Start at the Festival center, head to Taste Track, then hit the new booths in Future World west, then start in World Showcase heading left towards Mexico and work your way around the lagoon clockwise.

1- Fromosa at Shimmering Sips: Inside the Festival Center you’ll find the Mimosa Bar. While many of these are good, my top pick is the Fromosa. Frozen Mimosa is sweet and fruity, almost like a slushie Shirley Temple (but with alcohol).

2- Hazelnut Croissant Donut at Taste Track: Three different cronuts are here, they’re Croissant Donuts and they are so yummy. Buttery, flaky with different frostings. I loved the hazelnut one (which is basically Nutella!) with raspberries. So good. I was planning to just try a little because I had so many other things to eat, but I ate the whole thing and I’m not even sorry about it.

3- RGB Beer Flight from the Light Lab: This one will only appeal to true beer drinkers as these are not the sweet cider type of ales but true beers infused with some unique flavors representing Red Green and Blue.

  • R- Playinda Brewing Red Cherry Tart
  • G- Grasslands Kiwi Blonde
  • B- M.I.A. Beer Company Blue-berry Golden Ale

These are all pretty good and a decent amount of drink for the $9.00 price. My favorite was the Red cherry tart. If you’re a beer fan and you’re looking for some new fun ones to try this is a good choice.

Note: Light Lab is also where you can pick up those glow drinks- they are super sweet and I did not care for them, but if it’s your thing stop by while you’re here. (also kids would love the fun glow look and they are non-alcoholic)

4- Mac n Cheese at Active Eats: Loaded Mac n Cheese is always a winner. The bacon is smokey and the peppers add a little kick. You can’t go wrong with this one and it’s a Festival Favorite each year.

5- Maple Bourbon Cheesecake at The Cheese Studio: This one is just down the walkway from Active Eats and it’s a Game Changer. If you love cheesecake don’t miss this one. The Bourbon cream adds a non-sweet strong flavor to the sweet maple sauce. The combination is so good.

6- Beef Brisket Poutine from The Refreshment Port: Ohemgoodness you guys. This one is fantastic. French Fries topped with beef brisket, beer cheese sauce, then topped with Poutine gravy and finally sprinkled with crispy onions. It’s a must-get.

7- Pumpkin Creme Brulee at Joffrey’s: At this point, if you need a little pick me up on your way around World Showcase stop by the little Joffrey’s stand right where Daisy meets for this iced coffee drink. It’s fantastic and also available in a Caramel Brulee flavor too.

8- Loaded Greek Nachos at Greece: Crispy homemade pita chips topped with meatless sausage, (you won’t know it’s not meat) feta cheese crumbles, greek olives, red onions and topped with a Vegan Tzatziki sauce this is like a greek salad married a Gyro and it’s put on some pita chips. I liked it more than I expected to. Refreshing and not super heavy.

9- Kung Fu Punch from China: If you like your drinks strong but you don’t like to taste the alcohol this one is for you. But beware, it will sneak up on you. It’s a citrus punch with vodka and triple sec.

10, 11- Lobster Roll and Carrot Cake at Hops & Barley (America): Returning favorites are back this year, Lobster Roll and Warm Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. I recommend getting both of these, as they’re quite good together. Grab them before you head to one of the concerts and enjoy it while you listen.

Lobster Roll at Hops & Barley
Warm Carrot Cake at Hops and Barley

12-Chicken Teriyaki Bun in Japan:  This baby is good sized and filled with chicken and veggies in a sweet teriyaki sauce. So good! And for $5.50 it’s one I’ll be getting often.

13- Guinness Bailey’s Shake from Ireland: This one is so good but you have to love the taste of Bailey’s because that’s the main flavor. It’s not a thick shake, more of an icy cold, creamy consistency. And the little (plastic) cup is super cute.

14, 15- Mushroom Filet and Cheddar Soup in Canada: Every year this filet is in my top 5. Don’t miss it. The Cheddar Cheese soup and the Mushroom Filet are fan favorites and if they ever stop having them there will be riots.

Well, maybe not riots.

But I’ll be really bummed and forced to eat at Le Cellier and spend way more money to eat these.

And that’s the full list! If I have any others that I feel deserve to be on the Must-Get list I will add them here. I don’t try to cover every item offered,  as the feedback I get from most of you is that you’d like to just see the BEST stuff that I really loved. For information on every food item available, you can check out Disney Food Blog for their always great and detailed coverage.

Enjoy your visit to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival! And if you need some tips for getting the most out of your time so you don’t miss anything, plus Passholder perks and entertainment extras, check out the article Food and Wine Tips for 2018. 

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